About Bakjam Steel Fab

Bakjam Steel Fabrication is one of the leading Mechanical engineering Services provider engaged in light and medium Structural & Non-Structural steel fabrication Works. Bakjam Steel Fabrication acts as a steel work packages subcontractor executing jobs of up to 1000 tons of fabricate, supply and fix steel elements.

Our resources are, foremost, our team of highly experienced engineers with a mix of back grounds ranging from forging to casting of various metals and from machining, pressing, drawing and forming steel for highly challenging assignments to fabricating and installing intricate architectural forms and features, and our two strategically located yards in Dubai and Sharjah with over a 100 basic machine tools. Most of our customers know us because of our skill levels and our reputation of being able to do most of the undoable jobs.

From such iconic projects as the Burj al Arab to Burj Khalifa and from the Dubai Metro to Dubai International Airport, we have left our mark.. we pride ourselves with the knowledge that we have contributed to the full in the construction of the wonder called Dubai.

On the other hand, working for industry and infrastructure projects, we have contributed by fabricating and installing miles upon mils of walkways, pipe racks, cable trays and grates n stairways.

Our client base is spread throughout the U.A.E and the MENA region. We serve some of the most prestigious civil works contractors in our region and are proud of their trust in us.